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About us

4Rent Phoenix is a resource for available rentals exclusively in Phoenix. By focusing on Phoenix, we are able to constantly monitor and update our database. Detailed listings are provided based upon each individual's preferences. Individuals can search online themselves at any time during their enrollment or our staff will perform searches for clients and send results by email, fax or mail. is a solid partner with! 

Your first Phoenix home rental is provided on the same day that we receive your registration. Online clients receive automatic email notices as soon as new listings are posted. They can also access the database at anytime and review listings. For those clients that prefer not to spend time on line, our staff provides updates each business day as new listings are received that meet each client's criteria.

Fees for prospective tenants are $10.00 for Rental or Room searches. The fee covers unlimited referrals for a period of 1 month from the date of registration.

Owners and property managers posting their listings with our service have acknowledged their understanding of the Fair Housing Act.

Why do Landlords Use Our Service?

Landlords can place their listing for free. We save landlords time because they only receive calls from prospective renters that are interested in the type of rental that they have available. Some of our landlords prefer to use our service exclusively whenever their rentals or shares become available because of the successful relationship they have had with the tenants referred through our service.

Landlords can place their listing on our "Featured Listing" page to reach all individuals that visit our site for a small fee. Please contact if you would like to post a featured listing.


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